Hello! My name is Ben and I’m the one-man army behind Awesomesauce Labs. I started Awesomesauce in January 2019 because I was inspired by the potential of VR headsets (e.g. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive) to enable new approaches to gaming, art, and design. My goal is to build tools that amplify the creative power of indie artists and programmers like myself.

You can send me a message on my Contact Page or email me at awesomesaucelabs (at gmail).


Piglet: glTF Importer for Unity

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Piglet is a Unity asset that imports 3D models from glTF files, both in the Editor and at runtime. This gives Unity developers access to a large collection of free textures, materials, and models from sites like Sketchfab and Google Poly.

Piglet Store Page | Piglet Web Demo | Piglet Manual | Piglet Editor Import Video | Piglet Runtime Import Video

VRKB: Virtual Reality Keyboard

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VRKB is a virtual keyboard that enables comfortable and efficient text entry in VR. The keys are struck with virtual mallets, providing an experience similar to playing a xylophone or a drum kit. For PCVR, this typing method is both faster and more intuitive than the laser-pointer-style keyboards currently in popular use.

VRKB Store Page | VRKB Manual | VRKB Setup Video | VRKB Bug Tracker

Prospector: 3D Model Viewer for VR

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Prospector allows the user to browse the massive collection of 3D models at sketchfab.com from within VR.

Prospector is currently under development, as of June 2020.

Voxelbrush: VR Sculpting Tool

Voxelbrush is a sculpting tool for creating 3D art in VR.

I put Voxelbrush development on hold in Mar 2019, because there were already several promising apps being developed in this area (e.g. Oculus Medium).

Voxelbrush Demo Video